TJX Canada are in partnership with three companies Winners, Homesense and Marshalls.

It was founded back in 1956 in the US, and as a company does around $27.42 billion in yearly sales across all countries.

The giant company employs over more than 191,000 people, making a lot of families and individuals very happy.

The company’s stock has been growing since the 90s, from mere dollars and cents to over $100.

I’m not looking to make stock purchase recommendations, so invest at your own risk, if that is something you come to on your own that makes sense for your lifestyle.

You must join TJXStylePlus rewards by signing up for a card or by registering your card,you can easily do these things online.

TJXStylePlus Prizes

By taking part in the contests you can also win

  • 30 Day Returns
  • Buyer Diary
  • Contests For Members Only
  • Online Receipts

The TJXSTYLEPLUS card is not just an ordinary credit card, you can get bonuses from the card and get on and on purchases.

TJXStylePlus Homepage

The TJX style plus Canada homepage displays a couple gazing lovingly at eachother on a single couch, a place to register your card on the right, and a list of card benefits on the bottom.


How To Join TJXStylePlus

There are two ways for your entrance at TJXStylePlus

  • Join With Card
  • Join Without Card

Joining With Card (TJXStylePlus)

If you have your TJX card then the joining is very easy:

  • Go online to the official website of TJX.
  • Register the card.
  • Enter all the necessary and required information.

Contact TJX Style Plus Canada

Phone: 800 646-9466


Mailing Address:
TJX Canada (WINNERS, HomeSense and Marshalls)
60 Standish Court
Mississauga, ON L5R 0G1